How To Give Your Wedding A Tech Upgrade

How To Give Your Wedding A Tech Upgrade

The rise of technology has enabled couples to take a relaxed approach to wedding planning. With the average price of a wedding gown topping $1,500,  brides are easing the stress of hunting for that ‘perfect’ dress by browsing gowns online for favourite styles and designs before even hitting the dressing room. Not sure if Aunt June should sit next to crazy cousin Larry? Couples (and their planners) are using digital platforms to organize seating charts and map out the reception. No guests are left in the dark about the big event, as today’s couples create customized wedding web sites that link to gift registries, hotel reservations and other resources that may quickly and easily be accessed by guests.

For the wedding industry, technology has revolutionized how couples preserve their most precious moments. From overhead drones that snap unique panoramic pictures to live streaming the ceremony, technology has transformed the once staid wedding snapshots and videos into amazing poster-ready images, digital masterpieces and social savvy online integration. Some brides even use a GoPro in their bouquet for an unique videographic perspective.

For better or for worse, nothing has changed wedding photography more than the smartphone. Each guest is a photographer armed with their own camera and ready to snap the perfect shot of the bride and groom. With seemingly everyone at the event armed with a smartphone, photographers are omnipresent and ready to capture even the most offhanded moments. Candid snapshots become random treasures, and couples often invite guests to upload their shots to a personal web site that also serves as a digital wedding album.  Many couples also have their own personalized wedding hashtag that guests may use to tag photos of the event on social media sites.

However, while smartphones and their cameras are beloved by many and a convenient way to capture the event, these personal devices also can become a nuisance. With so many cameras snapping, an event can quickly turn impersonal and chaotic. Emily Post has weighed in on the cell phone conundrum and advises that couples place a note in the ceremony program, notify guests as they sign the register or have a member of the wedding party make an official announcement.

Technological advancements have taken the wedding industry from traditional to e-centric. Today’s couples begin planning their weddings virtually, going online to peruse wedding dresses and using customized wedding web sites to link guests to pertinent event info. From drones to livestreaming, the resources couples use to capture their day embraces the ease and creativity of the wired world. Technology is truly the final frontier…check out the following infographic for more cool tech upgrades for a truly ‘wired’ wedding.